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Essential Items For Your Makeup Bag

Essential Items For Your Makeup Bag

You can go anywhere and pack your essential beauty items starting with your makeup bag.There are 7 makeup must haves. I’m sharing with you 7 products every girl needs in their makeup bag and how to use them to achieve an everyday natural makeup look.

When putting together your makeup collection bag, it’s easy to lose yourself in a world of sparkling lip glosses and shimmering eyeshadows – and completely forget the essentials of any makeup kit bags. Makeup is an essential item to keep in your makeup kit in your bag.

Essentail, staple items that are useful for every woman’s bag makeup kit. Whether you need one or more item depends on your skin and the type of look you usually do. Carrying a huge selection of random makeup and lots of identical dupes in your makeup bag will not only slow your routine down it’ll give you a bad back!

Makeup essentials for every woman’s makeup kit

Here’s a list of those boring, but essential, items for your makeup bag:

– Cotton pads.

Inevitably, at some stage you’re going to apply make up and it’s going to go wrong. Keep a set of cotton pads handy in the same bag as your makeup products to help make those unfortunate slips clean up easily.

– Eyelash curlers.

A mascara is only as good as the lashes it is going on to, so keep a set of eyelash curlers handy. Remember to apply a thin layer of mascara before using the curlers so you don’t damage your eyelashes.

– Vaseline

This small and affordable product can do anything, from smoothing out eyebrows to making lips appear glossy and healthy. Keep Vaseline in your makeup bag so you have a go-to for any make up malfunctions, or just in case you want some extra shine.

– A pencil sharpener.

Eyebrow pencils and eyeliner always seem to run out at the least opportune moments, so get into the habit of keeping a size applicable sharpener with the products themselves. For total convenience, you can now buy liners and pencils that come fitted with a sharpener on the other end of the product.

– A pocket sized mirror.

It may seem obvious, but many women apply their make up in front of a bathroom mirror so remember to keep a close up pocket mirror in your makeup bags.

Oxford Nylon Fabric
• Superior nylon fabric: environmentally friendly, waterproof, wear resistant, wrinkle resistant and easy to wipe clean.
• Polyester cotton lining: fadeless and feeling comfortable.
• Ultra-light weight: only 0.25 pounds.

Excellent Organizer
• Shell shape with large capacity for keys, sunglass, calculator, contact lenses, cream, passport, lipstick, cream and other items.
• Inside zip stash pocket to stow jewelry, credit card or discreet items.
• Fits to different handbags or luggage in traveling, weekend getaway or dating.
• Easy gold-tone metal zip which can support hundreds of times pulling.

Maintenance Tips
• When stained with dirt, please dip it in soapy water with a soft sponge brush and gently wipe, and dry it in the shade.
• Soak oxford cloth bags for 15 minutes in clean water with a little salt or vinegar while washing initially.
• When not use for a long term, tightly wrapped it into the bag and placed in the desiccant.

Please Note :
1. All sizes are manually measured. The margin of error is 1 inch.
2. Due to different camera, light environment and display, the physical color will be a little different from pictures.Oxford Nylon (1260D): waterproof and easy to clean
Shell shape with large capacity for keys, sunglasses, calculator, passport, mascara, lipstick, and powder
Toss it into purse,a perfect bag for everyday use
Inside zip stash pocket to stow jewelry, credit card or discreet items
Easy gold-tone metal zip closure; 7.5″L x 3.7″H x 3.2″D

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