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How to Look Like You Have Expensive Style

You do not need to dressed in designer’s duds from head to toe to look expensive. All you need are some items to give that expensive elegance style touch.Here is how you can look like you have expensive style:

How to Look Expensive

The Leather Tote

Everything about leather is expensive; its touch, look and smell. Never purchase anything that has “this season” splash across its forehead.

It will only look outdated within time. Always invest in timeless pieces, so get that structured leather tote. It’s OK to spend more for something that you can carry for a long time.

The Little Black Dress

Paired with the right accessories, an LBD will get you from the office to a cocktail party. The great thing about the LBD is that there is always the perfect one for everyone depending on the cut. Choose something with clean sophisticated lines and minimal fuss.

Patent Pumps

An expensive looking pair of shoes can transform any outfit. Patent leather pumps add power and flirtiness to the clothes you’re wearing. If you’re wearing peep toes, make sure that your nails are neatly buffed and polished. A part of faking expensive style is looking groomed.

Avoid at All Cost

There are some things that look cheap no matter how expensive their prices are:
Ill fitting clothes and shoes; either they are too tight or too loose
Wearing all your accessories at the same time
Visible or ill fitting undergarments
Having too many ‘It’ items on at the same time. If you want to rock a trend, choose to emphasize only one trend.

Ways To Look you Have Expensive Style

Here are TOP 10 ways to always look expensive! This isn’t the most important thing in life – but we all love to look like we have “high end” and lux style!

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